Lava Tables

One of our most popular items with its vast clientele, are our volcanic tables. Carved from deep within ancient caves, individually shaped and smoothed, and then skilfully hand-painted and high-fired, these tables are made to weather the hottest sunshine and fiercest winters year in and year out — with no impact on the finish!

The process of volcanic table tops is divided into several stages, all performed by hand within Bristow’s studio: Glazing, decorating and double firing to more than 1000 degrees.Each table is high-fired twice, creating an ultra-durable al-chemical fusion of stone and glaze that is ideal for carefree outdoor use all year round, in all temperatures and weather conditions – however they also look stunning inside too!

Purchasing a volcanic table from Bristow Potteries means, you will never need to buy a table again as this stone guarantees resistance to all adverse conditions. 

They are practical too as you do not need to use a tablecloth- they have excellent impact resistance, do not absorb any kind of substance, are resistant to salty water and air, will not stain, do not change when in contact with sources of heat such as fire, hot pans or acidic solutions and are less liable to scratching unlike, other materials such as marble or crystal.

Thanks to the durability of lava stone, here at Bristow we do not just simply provide lava tables but we also produce other items made from lava such as kitchen and bathroom tops, flooring, tiles, shower trays, sinks, benches and drinks trolleys.

These stunning items may be custom-made to any design imaginable and the artist can also incorporate text into the design to make this all the more personalised. 

Volcanic tables are the ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and weddings.

On the occasion of the 2005 Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, Bristow Potteries was entrusted by the Government of Malta to produce a gift for Her Majesty the Queen of England. One of Bristow’s artists hand painted the Maltese Cross on a volcanic table top and Prime Minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi presented it to H.M. Queen Elizabeth on behalf of the Maltese people.
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