Our business
dates back to 1972

Bristow Potteries was taken over by Adrian and Mark Grima in 1972. Since then, the company has established itself as the leading ceramic company in Malta, producing a vast range of artistic products.

In 2002, the company embarked on an ambitious project, transforming its production line to Italian based technology. In 2011, the retail outlet in Ta’ Qali was redesigned, expanded and fully refurbished – practically all the retail fixtures and fittings were replaced to reflect a new fresh look.

At any given moment, there are 700 to 800 pieces available in our ceramic display gallery. Our concept is to offer a unique shopping experience to local and foreign consumers that flock to this artisan village.

This family-run business now also includes the valuable input of the next generation –

Lara Dunbar Cousin and Alain Grima.

Manufacturing Process

Earthenware clay is initially liquified and poured into different moulds and left there for about an hour. Each item is then left to dry and the extra bits are removed to ensure a smooth surface.

Another way to produce pottery is with the potter’s wheel, which is considered the most sophisticated pottery-making technique, invented in the 4th millennium B.C. The potter uses both hands – one to shape the inside and the other to shape the outside. Both hands are free to shape the pot from a ball of clay centered on the rotating wheel.

During the first firing, the temperature is around 1020 degrees Celsius. After this, the pottery is taken out of the kiln for hand painting, design and glazing in a wide range of colours and shades. Hand painting is carried out to individual clients’ expectations. Our master craftsmen hand paint and decorate a large variety of items and they also create hand-built figurines.

The items are then loaded back into the kiln for the second firing which ‘registers’ the colours and glazing. Here, the temperature reaches 970 degrees Celsius.

Pottery is usually ready to be put up for sale 10 days after the initial process is started. Once it is ready, each item is checked to ensure maximum quality and to make sure that our esteemed clients get the best possible artifact to take home with them.

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